We knew what we wanted. 

We even knew where we wanted it. 

But we weren't quite sure how to do it. 

After years of brainstorming who could bring a taproom to town, a small group of Oelweiners decided to quit talking about it and make it happen. In 2021, Oil & Wine Beer Co, LLC was formed with the plan to open a place that could provide what was tough to find anywhere nearby. Namely, really great beers on tap. 

Originally an Eagle's Club, 110 S Frederick had seen a lot in its almost 100 year history. 

While the building had been neglected for decades, we knew it was the perfect location for what we wanted. So we got to work, knocking down walls, ripping out flooring, and tearing out windows. It was a project that would take over12 months, but it was worth the wait. With 48 taps, 5 cocktails, plenty of premium spirits, and some great wines to top it off, we're excited about the experience, and we're excited to see you Ampersand.